Baby Born at Mass General is Hospital’s Second Biggest

Carisa Ruscak was born 14 pounds, 8 ounces to parents Caroline and Bryan Ruscak.

MBTA Launches New Real-Time Info

The MBTA launched several enhancements to make public transit even easier, including new maps, countdown clocks, and real-time arrival information. What’s The Worst T Station In Boston?

End of Net-Neutrality? FCC Considers New Rules

A new pay-for-play proposal by the Federal Communications Commission would allow internet service providers to charge services like Netflix and Skype for faster connections to consumers.

Woman Allegedly Offered $700 Buttock Injections

Valentina Perez Tavarez, 37, was indicted on federal charges that she allegedly offered buttock- and lip-augmentation injections using an improperly-labeled liquid from Colombia.

College Football Players Accused of Beating Homeless Man

Craig “CJ” Parsons, a 22-year-old senior at Boston College who was a tight end on the school’s 2013 football team, and 23-year-old Anthony Varrichione, a former Marist College quarterback, pleaded not guilty to a January attack in Allston.

Former Falmouth College President Sued by AG’s Office

Robert J. Gee, former president of a Falmouth-based college, is being sued by the AG office for allegedly collecting excessive compensation and other perks from the school.

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