What Twitter Got Wrong

In times of uncertainty, people will fall for a lot on social media, and last year’s Boston Marathon brought out the rumors in droves. Remembering the Shootout Dramatic Photos from Manhunt Eerie Photos of Boston on Lockdown April 15, 2013: How Twitter Informed Us

DA: Body Found ‘Consistent’ with Missing Boy’s

A body found this morning along a highway in Sterling has the height and weight consistent with that of Jeremiah Oliver, the Fitchburg boy who has been missing since September. Watch: Family Reacts to the News

Celtics Lose Lottery Tiebreaker

The Boston Celtics lost a draft lottery tiebreaker with the Utah Jazz on Friday afternoon. The loss had a serious impact on Boston's potential draft slots.

How Long is a Marathon, Really?

To help non-runners understand how long a marathon is, we decided to look at just how far the runners will go on Marathon Monday, using every day items (and some not-so-every-day items) for context.

SNL Plans Anniversary Special in 2015

If ever there were something that would make me wish away an entire year (or so), this would be it.

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