Missing Boy’s Dad: ‘I Feel It’s My Son’

The father of a missing 5-year-old Fitchburg boy has a feeling that a body found Friday on the side of a Sterling highway is his son.

Dramatic Photos from Manhunt in Watertown

During the Watertown lockdown last April, residents took to social media and posted photos of their first-hand experiences. Here are some of the most dramatic photos from the Watertown manhunt.

Easter Falls on Pot-Smokers’ ‘High’ Holiday

This year, Easter Sunday falls on the same date as the highest holiday for pot-smokers everywhere: April 20, better known as 4-20.

Globe: Carjacking Victim 1 Year Later

A year after being carjacked and held hostage by the Tsarnaev brothers, “Danny” revisits that harrowing night in an exclusive interview with The Boston Globe. Officer Sean Collier Remembered Remembering the Watertown Shootout Photos From Watertown Manhunt Eerie Photos of Boston During Lockdown

Wilbur: Bruins Have Flu, but Detroit’s Datsyuk Was Sick

It will be hard to top the way Pavel Datsyuk stoned the Bruins last night, writes Eric Wilbur.

Swan Boats Open Today

Boston’s famous Swan Boats will open another season on Saturday, welcoming locals and tourists to take a spin around the Public Garden Lagoon.

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